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A very large and popular message board serivce. It was once very good but thanks to recent updates which restricted or deleted all the good features and a total lack of customer support of any kind this is now without a doubt the worst serive as well.
For once I agree with Djgs68 or whatever it is he is calling himself now days. Ezboard used to gave a great free service. It was so good at that time I happily upgraded to gold just because I liked it enough. However after a series of updates which added crappy features and eliminated the good ones I complained on their "Support forums" and was banned. A PAYING CUSTOMER BANNED from a CUSTOMER SUPPORT FORUM. WTF!?
by Sega Slayer April 01, 2004
1. Extremely bad or unpleasant; terrible
2. See sega
Websites owned and operated by sega freaks are often extremely awful and filled with animated gif files and size 72 fonts.
by Sega Slayer September 28, 2003
Evercamp is the true name of Everquest.
In Everquest you have to kill 100 rats to get to level 2 and afford a rusty sword. You call that fun?
by Sega Slayer November 10, 2003
A TV shopping show. Mostly has useless crap nobody would ever need.
The best thing on the home shopping network is the knife collectors show. Atleast they don't sell sega products.
by Sega Slayer October 27, 2003
Users who create embarrassingly horrible homepages. These include the use of animated gifs, embedded mp3s, aLtErNaTiNg lOwErCaSe AnD uPpErCaSe, unnecessary photos of themselves, awful poetry, blinking backgrounds, Javascript page transitions, mouse trails, and 500-paragraph long dissertations detailing every painfully banal aspect of their life. Also known as "Livejournal users."

(trust me, its that awful and more)
by Sega Slayer April 14, 2005
A suit of magic robot armor in the game Final Fantasy III
It shoots lasers and shit.
by Sega Slayer April 04, 2004
The most recent addition to a Sega game series known as Phantasy Star. Many uninformed Sega fans claim that this game "revolutionized" online gaming but they would be wrong as it was neither the first online game nor the first online RPG. Its impossible to ignore the fact that online gaming was popular on the PC years before the Dreamcast was ever invented.
Its impossible to have revolutionized anything by doing the same thing someone else already did years before you. Its even more impossible when they did it even better.
by Sega Slayer September 26, 2003

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