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Inclusionism (noun inclusionist) is a Wikipedian philosophy advocating for editing Wikipedia articles, in addition to making there factual information valid. This is contrasted with Deletionism, which wants to delete multiple articles that are not famous or have invalid information (rather than edit to make valid).
Inclusionism is what makes Wikipedia every informative. Included multiple articles enables readers to attain an in-depth knowledge on a subject.

The Inclusionist Motto is "Wiki is not paper!"
by Secular leftist October 21, 2005
Exclusionism (noun exclusionist) is a Wikipedian philosophy advocating for exclusion of in-depth information in Wikipedia articles, in order to make it more "readable".
Exclusionism is contrasted with Inclusionism, wanting in-depth/large/multiple articles and Deletionism, wanting a few large articles.
by Secular leftist October 21, 2005
An economic posisistion favouring more collectivity/cooperation in making resource using decisions. This can either be done by state planning or using communes.
Leftism includes philosophies whose goals are absolute state control/planning, such as in Communism or Democratic Socialism, or the moderate political philosophers, who want only some collective cooperation, such as Social democrats.
by Secular leftist October 15, 2005
Social Progressivism is the view that as time progress so should societal morality (from Wikipedia). Social progressives advocate for morality to be based on advancements in Science and philosophy, rather than religious dogma.
Social Progressivism is opposed to Social conservativism. While Social Conservativies advocated to keep slavery, Social progressives opposed it. Social progressives also campaigned for the right to vote for women. Today they advocate equal marriage and a women's right to choose.
by Secular leftist October 01, 2005

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