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A common reference to one's own penis, especially in an effort to glorify an otherwise unremarkable, pencil shaped stub of tube steak.
I guess the party ran out of cocktail weiners because she couldn't wait to get her hands on my Zeus Meat.
by SectionAte March 11, 2009
Put the penis in the vagina.
"Its time to PTPITV. Now drop 'em Grandma!"
by SectionAte May 12, 2008
The fat part of a woman's stomach, especially older women, located under the waistline but above the mons pubis. Extremely visible when wearing mom jeans, certain types of fleece casual wear, and spandex.
Dude, the only thing that separates Ms. Passon's gut and pussy is her huge lunch box!
by SectionAte March 22, 2009

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