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Crystal Harris, the 24-year-old playmate to whom Hugh Hefner, 84-years-old, has proposed.
Why else would Crystal Harris, 24, want a wrinkled STD-laden 84-year-old dude, but for his money? She must be a gold digger.
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted December 29, 2010
Sex according to men.. "Sex is like pizza: Even if it is bad, it's good!"
| "When was the last time you got laid?" "Well, good sex? 2 years ago. Pizza sex? 2 weeks ago." |
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted September 19, 2010
A friend with benefits in another city. No matter how far away or how long ago since you've seen each other, you can always plan on getting laid while you're visiting their city.
Oh, we can certainly crash there - he's my fuck stop.
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted September 19, 2010
Sex that doesn't count because it happens so far away from one's home. ...Generally considered cheating, but justified as acceptable because it is beyond the common horizon.
| "Did you cheat?" "Naw, man. Just horizon sex. My girlfriend will never find out." |
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted September 19, 2010
...to be of the lesbian persuasion. "Pleased by a Packer" traditionally refers to a woman who can "pass" as a straight girl, but is a lesbian in disguise. She has the ability and physical lure necessary to score with men, but pulls a 'bait and switch' when she reveals she is actually a femme lesbian.
Oh, no. You don't want to go there, man. She's pleased by a packer.
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted September 19, 2010
Any sexual activity engaged in before a stressful event, such as an exam, performance, work obligation, etc. Often used to release tension, but really just an excuse to get laid.
Before her board exam, I sent her off with a good luck fuck.
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted December 29, 2010
In a butch lesbian, the "dyke rack" is the opposite of breasts (rack), which are typically associated with femmes; the dyke rack refers to the region of the crotch; for example, it can be represented as a picture of a butch lesbian's fully-clothed crotch (often taken while packing).
Giirrrl, check out the dyke rack on her! She's definitely packing tonight!
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted September 20, 2010
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