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Host of Food Network's "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef"

Essentially one of the few Food Network Chef's with a professional background, having graduated from a renowned culinary institute, after which she underwent intense culinary training in Italy. She accumulated the rest of her experience by working as a Chef in many top restaurant.

The premise of her show is to recreate the recipes she makes for clients in her restaurant, so that viewers may make them at home.

Though she does not detail technique as Alton Brown would, the selection of her recipes all teach essential technique, such as how to handle french pastry dough that is made from scratch, how to get 6 larger lamb chops by removing bones, or that adding water to meatball mixtures creates a moist texture.
Anne Burrell writes her own recipes, unlike many Food Network cooks who delegate that task to shadow writers. The only show on Food Network geared toward the Intermediate to Advanced cook
by Seconded March 10, 2011

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