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3 definitions by Sebastian and Amanda

Funniest nigga in the world. Watching his stand up shit is funny. "Whats all that chocolate on yo face, Motha fucka!"
I was watching that black guy.
You mean dave chappelle the funniest nigga alive
by Sebastian and Amanda May 20, 2006
A derogatory term for a female who not only whines like a motha fucka but is extrmely unreliable in all situations; A female who is forced in the middle of the back seat of a car to aliviate the homophobia in a cock infested car. Usually associated with nasty band girls.
Chealsea is a nasty whore bitch flake, I made her sit in the back seat with my two fat friends.
by Sebastian and Amanda May 10, 2006
When a woman first gets oral and spazzes. Usually causes oozing from the vaginal area, cotton mouth, and severe body convulsions that may lead to uncontrollable bowel movments.
Holy shit last night Chelsea had an orgasmic seizure she queefed on my nose and shit on my face.
by Sebastian and Amanda May 10, 2006