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when a guy blows his muck all over the woman's face.
I left your Mom with a face like a painter's radio and the dirty bitch loved it
by seattle brian February 03, 2009
Variation on the Cleveland Steamer, when the man goes "Down Under" and the girl shits on your chest. After shitting, she then proceeds to consume said fecal matter off your chest
A: "G'day, Bruce! I heard your missus is one dirty fucker. Is it true you let her shit on your chest?"
B: Naah mate, you only heard half the story. The dirty cunt shit on me chest, fair dinkum, but then she lapped it up true Melbourne Munch style"
A: "The filthy wozdanger!"
by Seattle Brian February 04, 2009
a thing-a-me-bob, a whatcha-ma-call-it
"Foz, hand me that mahoomajeff there,"

"What, this?"

"No! The other one"
by Seattle Brian July 10, 2009
A person exhibiting impossibly high standards, a taskmaster, one who raises the bar to previously untold heights.
My English teacher is such a hasslebury! He had us reading and summarizing Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment" in a sixty minute lesson.
by Seattle Brian January 08, 2009
To diatribe, monologue, speak ad infinitum about the most mundane aspects of one's own life and experiences
Brian is going to fosslehoff his way through that lesson
by Seattle Brian January 07, 2009
a noxious cocktail, consumed by NEDS, CHAVS or other antisocial groups of young deliquents , especially in Counties Armagh, Down, and Antrim in Ireland, and parts of Western Scotland. Made by mixing cheap strong cider and Buckfast Tonic Wine (aka Coatsbridge table wine)
A: Shoulda seen the state of that wanker Kevin at the weekend.
B: What happened?
A: The buck eejit floored a bottle of Bate-the-wife, and then fucked a brick through the window of the police station
by Seattle Brian February 03, 2009

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