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A Scouse slang term, meaning food or a snack.
"Come on lads, i wanna get some scran."
by Seano-2007 October 15, 2008
nigga, niggah -

Taken from the word 'Negro' which was used by white people upon their African slaves, as a way of defining them from white people. Negro coming from the Spanish word for the colour Black.

Used in a term of respect or hatred, depending on the colour of your skin or your belifes.
Regarded as rasist if said by a white person to a person of black skin.
Yet can be used as a mark of respect from one black person to another, in youth culture.

Can be confusing in certain situations due to the fact only the black race can use the word, which has opposite meaning in a convisation.
"You niggers should go back to your own country!"
"Yeah. Thats my nigga! That's how we do it round here!"
by Seano-2007 October 15, 2008
A slang term for someone who is known/thought to be dirty and smelly.
They are into deep and heavy music, and can be spotted wearing black clothes.
Generally, goths and emos are selected as a greb.
"Shut up you fucking smelly little greb!"
by Seano-2007 October 15, 2008

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