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Ah. I see you're new to slang.

Grand: $1,000
Idiot poker star: I just lost 10 grand to a bluffer tonight!
Friend: Harsh.
by Sean Ryan February 07, 2007
Real Name: Steve Robert Irwin
February 22 1962, – September 4, 2006

Known as The Crocodile Hunter, an unconventional wildlife documentary series which he hosted with his wife Terri Irwin. He also owned and operated the Australia Zoo at Beerwah in Queensland with friend William Rollo and his wife. In 2002, he had his first feature film, The Crocodile: Collision Course, which recieved negative ratings (it cost $13 million budget). In 2004, he took his newborn child to one of his shows, where he was accused of child endangerment, it was revealed on Good Morning America that he doesn't endanger children. On September 4, 2006, he was fatally stabbed in the heart by a stingray, where Steve met his demise. Gone but not forgotten
Me: Did you watch Good Morning America today? Crocodile Hunter died.
Other Guy: I saw it at 6:00 A.M.!
Me: So did I!
Another Guy: He died?
by Sean Ryan September 04, 2006
Great crackers from Peppridge farms. They're baked, not fried, come in different varieties, and smile back. Try mixing them up all in one bag.
Hmm... pretzel, pizza, cheddar, and color goldfish mixed in one bag.
by Sean Ryan March 19, 2006
The year that people thought the world would end. The Y2K bug was a glitch that on the day it turned 2000, old computers would mistake it as the year 1900 (a LONG time ago). They fixed computers. Thought to be the start of the third millenium, but since there was no year zero, 2001 (a way better year, even if Burger King had veggie burgers in 2000) had to start it. 2000 only started the new century.
Interviewer: What were you doing in the year 2000?
Me: I was working as a bank teller.
by Sean Ryan October 24, 2006
1: A spanish dip served with tortilla chips
2: Spanish for "sauce". Duh.
Guy 1: This party is just 1% incomplete.
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: We need some salsa.
Guy 2: Back of the fridge.
by Sean Ryan March 08, 2006
What you all are. You're immature, you're swearing. Urban Dictionary may define your world, but you're gone too far! Read what to do when you publish. Now go be mature.
This guy on Urban Dictionary is a child. God damn it.
by Sean Ryan February 20, 2006
A new Cartoon Network show about a Japanese band called Puffy AmiYumi. It's made in America, and it doesn't portray Japan correctly. 1 yen is more than less than a dollar. AND BY THE WAY, it's Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. Not what puffy ami yumi like your retarded brain on drugs that aren't cool.
Wanna watch an episode of Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi I made in TV-14?
by Sean Ryan March 01, 2006

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