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The act of breakdancing on a casket during a funeral.
Guy: Bust a move!
Woman: That's my husbands coffin, get off you monster!
Guy: Bitch sit back and respect a mans right to groove!
by Sean And Andy November 28, 2004
That which is not to be hated on. There are three rules of The Puss:
1) Hit the puss like there's no tommorrow.
2) Never hate on the puss.
3) Ya gotsta protect The Puss with lethal force.
Joe: I turned down some Puss last night.
Bill: What!?
Joe: I just didn't feel like hitting The Puss.
Bill: We've been friends since we were babies, but I'm afraid this has to be done, pusshater!
<Bill kills Joe.>
Bill: Never hate on The Puss!
by Sean and Andy December 02, 2004
To start a fight with a crowd of over 100 people, then spray them with a fire hose that shoots hot sauce.
Guy: Hey, you dumb KKK assholes, over here!
KKK Memeber: What the...hey brothers, get that man!
KKK Member 2: OW! My eyes, he's spraying us with hot sauce!
KKK Member 3: And the pressure from the house shot a hole in mid-section!
by Sean And Andy November 28, 2004
A substance made up of Viagra and Dimetapp that is smoked to get high.
Last night I smoked so much Missouri Slip N' Slide I collapsed.
by Sean and Andy October 18, 2004
To sleep on top of a homeless person as they sleep.
Look at that hobo sleeping over there, he is ripe for some cookashart.
by Sean And Andy November 29, 2004
The act of dropkicking midgets and/or dwarves.
Guy: Hey midget, look over there!
Midget: What? I don't see anything...OW! What the hell man! You just dropkicked me!
Guy: No no no, I just gave you a hotsamama.
Midget: You son of a bitch...
by Sean And Andy November 28, 2004
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