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1. Music with lyrics combining grief and/or anger with the state of the world with hope and the possibility of how to change for the better.

2. Music that hippie-punks, crusties and/or other rucks - whatever we're called - write, listen to, play, embody, et cetera.

3. Bwaha! 'ruck' music.

It's just quicker to say than 'folk, indie AND punk' as one 'genre' - and a lot better than saying 'you know... stuff...' or something like that...
Any music to open and expand your mind with the intent of stimulating positive growth or CHANGE in the world... could be "classified" as findie-punk. It could probably also be classified as many other types of music as well. Bwahahahaha!!! Take care.
by SeahorseOnce July 10, 2008

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