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A term to describe destroying everything within a certain area. First used by vikings.
Lets go over to matts house, and pillage the village while he is away.
by Seabass January 20, 2005
Name of the greatest truck in west virginia. Its nemisis the Panzer claims to be better. The driver is crazy and drives like a bat outta hell.
The black mamba and panzer are to do battle at sunset.
by seabass February 23, 2005
1. German War Tank
2. A Black Toyota T-100 native to morgantown WV. It has no muffler and is known for insanly loud music. The truck will go anywhere and drives as if posessed. The current owner is insane, and some believe the truck was once owned by Satan.
I just caught a glimpse of the Panzer passing in the other lane. I saw flames coming from the pipes.
by seabass February 22, 2005

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