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The most kick ass and influential wakeboarder of all time.
Have you seen byerly's part in 12 honkeys?
by seabass February 22, 2005
An army of snowboarders whose signature trademark are grenade gloves. They are known for their exceptional riding abilities. Led by general Danny Kass.
The grenade army just siezed the half pipe.
by seabass February 23, 2005
First used in Tony Hawk 3 to describe skating through a gap. Also is another way to describe having sex.
So I heard you split the wickets quite a few times with Tina last night.
by Seabass January 20, 2005
A wakeboarding crew that is native to West Virginia.
The Loco Crue dominated that competition up in MD.
by Seabass January 20, 2005
A psuedonymn for Seabass the Destroyer. Meaning to be a white version of lil jon. Also a redneck version of crunk juice. It is a mixture of wild turkey and redbull
Damn, he mixes some damn fine vanilla crunk.
by seabass February 22, 2005
Background: From CoH, Fire Imps. They look like little burning monkies and they have a mind all their own.
Definition: Being dragged into a bad situation by forces out of your control.
example: You stop killing baddies to manage your enhancements, and while you aren't looking the fire imps have aggro'd a level 50 Archvillan and he sends you to the hospital with one shot.
by Seabass December 08, 2004
a school located in Kentucky. Only thing good about it is its gym. Best in the area. But the school itself is a crappier version of hell (some students say).
Raceland! Im gonna burn that mother down!
by Seabass December 20, 2004
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