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This is the act of human fecal matter ( stool, turd, brown trout) slightly protruding out of the anus and then immediate retracting. This happens in humans but animals as well. It is the result of the person or animal needing desperately to defecate but for some reason cannot find facilities or the right place to evacuate the waste. It may happen many times before final evacuation. The term achieved it's name from prairie dogs being observed going in and out of their habitat.

note: As a result, in humans, this act can also cause another situation call "skid marks" which is the evidence of the PD stain left on the persons underware, other clothing or anything next to the anus where the Prairie Dog emerges.
"Hey mom, we have to stop at the next gas, Billy's got prairie dogs".

"My girl must have had prairie dogs tonight cause when we had sex I saw skid marks on her undies."
by SeaPilot June 28, 2009
This is east coast Jewish slang meaning to "look' or "shop" in a store, business or any place where goods are for sale without buying.

"Shmyer" also can imply being a "bottom feeder" or one that is always looking for sale items and is not hampered by any guilt to ask to purchased an item for below bargain or advertised prices.
"Hello, may I help you?". "No that's OK, I'm just shmying around."

" What did you get at Macy's?" " Nothing I just went in to kill time and shmy."
by SeaPilot June 25, 2009
This a caucasian's term for a black or African American's car. Specifically, the mentioned car was an early '60 or 70's VW bug retro fitted with a fiberglass Rolls Royce trunk lid displaying a replica RR grill and badge. This conversion was very popular in black communities in the Baltimore Maryland metro area.
" Look at that Rolls Royce coming. No, it's a rug's royce."
by SeaPilot June 30, 2009
Bleu Balls (French for blue) is nearly intolerable pain for a man. This happens when his balls swell to a larger size because of the lack of sex, unfinished blowjobs, and just not ejaculating when he should. Also can be brought on by getting overly excited over just seeing, touching or anything a woman ( or man) of his desire and not releasing the pressure of sperm or achieving orgasm.

Possible Cure: masturbation, sex, cold show, swimming

Women could understand the pain if they reflected on how they feel when their monthly period starts.
"I went out with the hottest girl last night but after I got home I couldn't sleep because I had a case of the bleu balls."

"My girlfriend keeps giving me bleu balls because she won't give it up."

"Sometimes I'd rather have a kick in the nuts then bleu balls."
by SeaPilot June 28, 2009
East coast Jewish term referring to a guy who is a geek jerk dweeb idiot etc. Originating somewhere around New York or New Jersey. Correctly pronounced with a Jewish Bronx's accent.

phonetically pronounced -" sh - men - drick "
"Don't ask that guy. He's a real smendric."

"No smendrics allowed at the party."

" Those smendrics are the turds in a punch bowl."
by SeaPilot June 29, 2009
This is a person who generally refuses to purchase anything at normal prices. They make it a habit to wait for sales to hit a low point on things they want to buy. Then try to sweeten their deal by offering a lower price knowing the seller is anxious to sell. Generally this pisses the seller off but just to move the inventory many times they cave-in to the buyer price.
"I got this new Yahama 1000 advertised in the paper at cost and this bottom feeder shows up wanting to buy it for $300 under cost."

"It is always the case that as soon as I mark the items down to wholesale prices the bottom feeders come in and want even more off knowing I need to move this inventory."
by SeaPilot June 25, 2009
Derogatory name, prejudice term used mostly by caucasian males towards African Americans. Derived because of the thick woolly wire consistency of their black hair in comparison to a household carpet or rug.
"I'm not eating in there. Too many rugs."

"The rugs will be all over your car if you park there"

"Don't go to that frat house because it's located in a rug's neighborhood."
by SeaPilot June 30, 2009

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