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when a guy comes home to a girl and she has nothing on at all. they go in the bed and the girl spreads her legs apart. then the guy sticks his dick into her vagina and he pushes it in repeatedly, faster and harder. if chosen, the girl can suck and lick his dick, the guy can lick her vagina, they can lick eachother anywhere, and he can play and lick her boobs. this is the best thing to do when on a rainy day, or just when you're bored.
the other night my man came home from a hard day of work with me waiting. i had the heat up reall high, and with nothing on at all. i all of a sudden pulled him into the bedroom and striped his clothes off. i was rubbing and stroking him. then he went on top with me on the bottom, and i shoved his dick into my pussy. man, i love his dick, the biggest and tastiest i have ever seen. then i made him slide his dick in and out, in and out. i started yelling, " OH BABY! THATS THE SPOT! HARDER BABY, HARDER! YESS OHHH...FUCK ME HARDER AND HARDER! THATS HOW TO DO IT! OH, RIDE ME ALL NIGHT LONG!" then when we're done with that, i take his dick out and i start sucking on it and licking it, massaging it with my tounge. while im doing that he is licking and sucking on my boobs, that feels good. then we switch, and he sucks on my pussy, sticking his tounge inside of it, licking every nook, cranny, and corner of it. after that, i like him to go down on the floor, with his head and neck up against the bed. then i rub my vagina all along his neck while my im sqeezing his head with my boobs.

shit, the best sex ever.

if he's not in the mood, then i go into the bedroom and pull my pants off. then i take a huuuuugeeeeeee back massager that vibrates harddd, and stick that into my pussy.
by SeXcRaZyGiRl March 17, 2007

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