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4 definitions by SeM

A popular word of the 1990s that refers to women or men who are dumb or easily manipulated (not to be confused with chickenhead which means whore/town slut)
Yo he's such a birdhead!
by Sem February 09, 2005
17 5
A guy who thinks he's straight, but wil definitely end up romo or in other words gay as hell.
Ben is always complaining about not finding a girlfiend. I say he's a tomorromo
by SeM May 11, 2004
0 0
Da Basta Webmasta: a cool dude spamming Metrosexual Dirty Robert with all kinds of funny stuff causing him to have RBS.
Yesterday DBW sent another butt pic to Dirty Robert with a NRB as result
by SeM April 26, 2004
5 8
When your penis is in an intermediary state between erection and no erection.
This morning I didn't wake up with my usual morning wood, but with a wobbler. He was jumping all over the place when I got out of bed.
by SeM May 11, 2004
14 26