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3 definitions by Señor Fernandes

During intercourse, one partner: vomits, defecates and urinates into a large lunch cooler. Afterwards, the very same partner proceeds to lather this concoction of bodily fluids all over their lover and force feed it to him or her. Making out afterwards is imperative.
Diane came over last night. After about an hour of sensual foreplay, we both enjoyed a helping of plowman's lunch.
by Señor Fernandes March 20, 2011
8 2
Something that is above-average in quality. Can be used as a comparison to weaksauce which is the exact opposite of dirtsauce.
1. "Dude, I just spent $400,000 dollars on my new car."
"Yeah, I know. The interior is dirtsauce."

2. "I was playing Halo 3 last night and I got 25 headshots in a row. So I screamed dirtsauce and woke up my mom. Now I don't have xbox for a week."
by Señor Fernandes August 31, 2009
3 1
When one extremely popular, unusually attractive male is being followed by a group of less popular and less attractive males. These males are trying to catch any girls, alcohol or drugs that have not already been claimed by the cool kid.

"Hey are these your friends?"

Cool Kid:

"Nah! I got these kids slippin' on my swag juice."
by Señor Fernandes January 28, 2010
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