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The Severn Higher Institute of Technology aka the place where a $268,000 education is shoved up your anus 1 nickel at a time.
Damnit Mom, I don't want to go back to The United States Naval Academy, it's IHTFP every day there.
by scubasteve March 29, 2005
Party Swag is when one falls asleep after becoming drunk or otherwise under the influnce of some substance at a party in those same clothes and wakes up and stil uses them. Often after sleeping over after a party one may not be able to change and doesn't go home right away.
Ex. going to go get food after waking up.
Guy 1: dude that girls checking you out, you need to go talk to her.
Guy 2: I smell like booze man, she isn't gonna dig that.
Guy 1: nonsense, it's your Party Swag talking man, she'll know your down to party.
by Scubasteve August 12, 2012
Bahamut pendragon is a term describing anyone who is morbidly obese and bitter about his impending death from heart failure.
That fat guy is a real bahamut pendragon.
by scubasteve April 30, 2004
somthing you say to someone to make them run to their mom and cry like a little bitch
"shoot i said able dont tell mom"said friend
"ohh im tellen on you to mom"said little bitch
by scubasteve December 25, 2004
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