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1. Very good band

2. Type of root system for some plants
1. I'm listening to Mine by Taproot.

2. Carrots are taproots.
by Scruffy1 June 25, 2005
Stretch of Highway running through Flint, MI.
Populated mostly by hookers, various adult bookstores, strip joints and clubs such as the Machine Shop.

Referring to a trip to dort highway usually identifies you as a hooker.
Guy 1: Better get my ass to Dort Highway
Guy 2: You're such a man whore
by Scruffy1 April 03, 2006
1. A workshop where power-driven tools are used for making, finishing, or repairing machines or machine parts.

2. Club in the Flint, Michigan area featuring regular nationwide and local hard rock bands.
1. Supervisor: Get your ass back over to the machine shop and finish that part

2. Metalhead 1: Dude, I just won tickets for Mushroomhead tomorrow at the Machine Shop

Metalhead 2: Sweet.
by Scruffy1 April 03, 2006

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