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the competitive sport of "active lying down", with its origins in Australia, though it has quickly spread to much of the Western World. The sport is played by plankers, who are typically hardcore, thrill-seeking hombres with a passion for lying down and keeping still.

Planking involves plankers, who lie face-down, with their arms to the side whilst having their picture taken. It is especially popular to plank in public or humourous places.
Often "planking pictures" are uploaded to facebook to bring joy to the people.

But the planking has become more than the act of lying down in front of a camera. For whatever reason, this simple act has induced a moral panic. Policemen and Politicitians are anti-planking. The Australian ranga PM is an anti-planker. She is also female.

Planking has become an idea. No policitian or policeman can tell a planker not to plank. It is the new punk movement. But more fun and planker. Haters keep hating, plankers keep planking.
Old mate 1: "hey big dog, what did you get up to on the weekend?"

Old mate 2: "hi big rocks. good weekend man. just went planking. just planked on the harbour bridge. no biggie."

Old mate 1: "you must be getting all the ladies after that dude."

Old mate 2: "ladies love a planker."
by ScruffGags May 28, 2011

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