11 definitions by Scripple021

The correct exclamation in a match of Mario Kart 64 in which you are Donkey Kong and you are doing really well in the middle of the race.
"OH! 2nd place star! Monkeys on Film!"
by Scripple021 May 06, 2004
Ron Jeremy's schlong. Also a character in one of his movies: Dr. Frankenpenis.
Ron J. and his Frankenpenis.
by Scripple021 May 06, 2004
Originiated in Princeton University. As a noun, means bananas in Mario Kart 64. Can be verbed: "to doo doo butter something".
Noun: There was a lot of doo doo butter on that jump.

Verb: I'm going to doo doo butter that ramp
by Scripple021 May 06, 2004
Term to describe an ugly lady. From Westside Connection's "Gangsta Nation"
Bitch, you kinda STRANGE.
by Scripple021 May 06, 2004
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