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n. The quality or property of being ghetto.
Central Square was full of trash, hence its increased ghettocity.
by Scribe of Glee August 29, 2004
A pussy so stretched out that you have to strap a board to your ass to keep from falling in. Sometimes they have teeth.
I hear that slut has a real AIDS-infested floymen on her. You'd better be careful. (offers 2X4)
by Scribe of Glee May 17, 2004
An old black phrase to refer to extreme poverty.
Man, Richard used to be one hep cat; now he's on smack and beat to his socks.
by Scribe of Glee January 07, 2005
n. (int.) The noise it makes when somebody pops out your eyeball and fucks your brain through the hole in your skull.

v. To produce such a noise.

also squicked: adj. The feeling or state one would associate with being squicked.
"Ever since James came back from his grandma's funeral, I been hearing this sound coming from his room like going like: *squick*squick*squick*" said Betty.

"Ewwww, he must be squicking her," said Bill.

"Oh shit. I've been awake for 37 hours studying for the test I have in ten minutes. Plus I have AIDS. I am so squicked," said James, stumbling from his room.

"Ha ha ha!" said Betty and Bill.
by Scribe of Glee April 29, 2005

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