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A faked orgasm. Used when a woman thinks her lover's style is TOTALLY lame.
Monica: "So you and John fucked? How was it?"
Sue: "I threw a SARCASM at him to get it over with... that dude SUCKS in the sack!"
by Scrappy SamCat January 28, 2009
When a chick texts pics of her snatch to a guy she doesn't even know, hoping to "get" him by appealing to his typical, brainless, male-dog nature.

She lures him in with that promise of free and easy pussy, and he totally regrets banging her later when he comes to his senses and realizes that she's obviously a crazy bitch.

These chicks usually have no money or skills, and their pussy is the only thing they've got to offer.

Chicks who poon for rides usually have STDs that can ruin a man's relationship with a good woman.

The better-lookin' she is, the more chance you have of catching something from her!
"This chick is totally Poonin' For A Ride! She randomly contacted me online and sent me pics of her twat!

Naturally, I gotta go meat that poon! Whoa she's good-looking, guess I'd better wrap it too...."
by Scrappy SamCat October 15, 2011
Religious, wealthy, privileged, self-focused, self-serving, self-righteous, Conservative Republican-Americans who believe they have the right to push their personal Biblical morals and financial agendas on everyone else.

Religionaires are against women's rights and gay equality.
Religionaires don't care about the elderly and/or disabled.
Religionaires are WAY OUT OF TOUCH with the average American citizen, and selfishly believe that we're stupid enough to accept their mindset or vote them into office.
by Scrappy SamCat November 07, 2012

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