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2 definitions by Scottyp74

The excess urine left over once you have had a piss, not enough to go in the toilet but just enough to leave a soggy patch in your pants or underwear (for you yanks).

The piss that dribbles down your leg after you've been to the toilet.

Fuck Sake Gaz, I've got piss drips going to my legs.

Those pesky piss drips have made my Calvin's all wet.
by Scottyp74 December 30, 2007
Milkshakenor Milkshaking is when one squeezes from the base in a downwards fashion whilst shaking his, or her penis.

To Milkshake.

A more effective way of getting rid of excess urine, or piss drips.
Easy to master and suprisingly addictive.
*whilst pissing at the urinals, bushes, road etc.. with your mates/friends/randoms*

"hey kyle, you shake or milk"
"Get with the times Scott, I milkshake"


by Scottyp74 December 30, 2007