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1) To take pre-existing buildings with a large carbon footprint and increase their sustainable measures through improved efficiency.
2) To enter a state of amazement precluding the stimulation brought upon from view an excellent display of Greener Real Estate or Greener RE
3) To reduce one's carbon footprint
4) A technique used by UW-Madison's student organization "Greener RE," to have a positive impact on environmental, social and economical issues within the state, nation and world.
5) A process whereby someone takes a development, say a parking lot, and replaces it with nature and greenery.
6) To plant vegetation
7) To support locally grown crops
8) To ride a bike and encourage implementations of bike paths rather than drive a car
9) The restoration of the environment
10) Basically defined as anything where someone/s engages in actions, which seek to preserve life, or the planet and its relationship with the sun, by discouraging wasteful practices, thereby encouraging improved efficency
1) Wow! UW Madison students are taking Greenerization practices to the next level.
2) Question: When are we going to become more sustainability minded?
Answer: Tomorrow.
Response: Why wait, lets see what we what greenerization we can accomplish today!
3) Did you hear Scott's studying Greenerization Techniques at the University?
4) Let engage in Greenerization by our conservation to bring restoration and to reward ourselves we will invite everyone to a party of earth celebration
5) Although some do not give him enough credit, The Chief, James Grasscamp provide a wealth of instruction geared toward greenerization
by ScottySerms April 18, 2008
1) Real Estate Development, which is friendlier to the environment and to all creatures
2) A student organization at UW-Madison
1) Excitement fills my blood when thinking about and creating GreenerRE.
2) The real estate developments of 21st century will be greenerre relative to the devolpments of yesteryear
by ScottySerms April 18, 2008
The correct way to pronounce Greener RE, or Greener Real Estate
Greenery or real estate that is more green is better for the environment, society and business.
by ScottySerms April 18, 2008
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