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1) An insult usually directed towards a girl.


2) A girl's pair of underwear/pants after a long hot day with a disgustingly pungent odor. Usually the result of discharge, sweat and booty stank. Comparable to that of an old gym locker. A place where chick's hide their version of knob cheese.
After two weeks of dating, Jessica finally gave in and let me get some, its a shame i had to kick her ass out after she dropped her jeans and i got a whiff of her Quief Locker!
by ScottyKnew March 03, 2011
crop dusting

To fart while walking. Usually an extremely rank fart "Bombed" while walking through a crowded area.
Dude, don't walk behind me I'm going to be Trolley Bombing this hallway.
by ScottyKnew October 30, 2008
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