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a person who believes sex should be open to the creation of life (procreative) and acts accordingly; not to be confused with a supporter of Creationism, the misguided fundamentalist notion that the Bible conflicts with the theory of Evolution
That procreationist dude doesn't believe in condoms.
by Scotty Smithy August 06, 2008
a procrastinator of Olympic skill: "If procrastination were an Olympic event, I'd win a gold medal."
I've just spent 3 hours on Facebook. Man! I'm a total procrastian.
by Scotty Smithy July 23, 2008
One who makes or produces Scotts; not to be confused with the "Scot Smith," which are families with surnames traditionally prefixed with "Mc" or "Mac" depending on whether their lineage traces back to the lowlands or highlands, respectively.
"Oh man. I just ran out of Scotts. Send for the Scott Smith."
by Scotty Smithy July 24, 2008

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