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9 definitions by Scotty Smith

In the gay community, the 2nd Lieutenant to a Gaybo Watson, but not quite yet of the Fagasaurus Rex stature. A Salad Shooter is often delegated more menial tasks, such as eating ass and rubbing Ben Gay on sore rump roasts. Alas, the Salad Shooter must earn his keep the old fashioned gay way if he ever hopes to achieve Fagasaurus Rex super stardom.
"Garth, when in the world is Bootsie Bob gonna promote you? Sweetheart, you've been a Salad Shooter for way too long!"
by Scotty Smith October 30, 2007
Leftovers from sex that always end up on the sheets somehow.
"Ewww, I think I just rolled over on your scoobies again! Gross!"

"Looks like we need to wash the sheets on the bed again. Damn scoobies all over 'em."
by Scotty Smith October 29, 2007