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An expression usually said with great enthusiasm to proclaim the start of an activity, or encourage an activity that has begun. This expression is commonly used in conjunction with off road motor sports, referring to the tires of a vehicle "eating" up the terrain, however, it can be used for nearly everything, from weightlifting to volunteer work. For example, there is a web site similar to this term that exemplifies it pretty well, I bet you can guess it!
Dale: "Well shoot, Zephyr, how you think we's gonna get that overgrown juniper out of the yard?"

Zephyr: "Not a problem Dale, we'll just get that chain over there, hook it to my awesome lifted truck, and let her eat!"
by Scottopolis2 April 14, 2011
Usually a planned event, a bearparty is a social gathering of bears at club, residence, vacation spot, hair salon, fashion show, or major outdoor/sportsman retailer. Bears love to party probably more than any demographic, but their perceived desire to do so is usually understated, and often soaked in denial. Activities at bearparties range drastically in variety from wine tasting to foam dancing.
Jared: "Oh man, there are bears sleeping in the lawn again!"

Phillip: "Seriously, one more bearparty next door and I'm calling the cops."
by Scottopolis2 April 13, 2011

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