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Babe with big boobs and a striking figure
Wow shes hot, yeah, thats my Princess Ruppindy
by Scotthanky June 25, 2010
Seldom seen legend from the heart of Aberlour Scotland, mostly found tearing up tarmac with the bluebird!
Ther goes Scotthanky, the bluebirds gettin the tits!
by Scotthanky June 25, 2010
When playing a pub style fruit machine and you get an option of a "hint" or "clue" take the hint you bint may be shouted!
Im on a fiver with that boost "Take the hint you bint!" "you might get a tenner"
by Scotthanky June 25, 2010
The name given to a hickory shafted hammer that is chosen over more newer metal shafted hammers, it is an icon of the tool chest!
Im chappin in these four inch nails wee ma Shamro.
by Scotthanky June 25, 2010
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