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Street name for heroin. Popular word in the LA/ Orange County Varrios of Cali.
Hey Holmes whos got the Carga?
by Scottdawg October 27, 2005
to be labeled a snich or bitch in jail. (pc Up) to go into protective custody.
That dude is a rat, that's why he had to pc up.
by Scottdawg August 04, 2006
A place where a bunch of pocket protecter wearing lame asses gather to talk on 2 way radios. Usually a bunch of real lame ass geeks. Always on HAM Radio
Hey albert, I'll hook up with you and the rest of the chess club on the repeater.. With the rest of the losers.On the ham radio
by Scottdawg November 01, 2005
A street name for Heroin. Popular in the Varrios of LA
I know where to cop some good "gow".
by Scottdawg October 30, 2005

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