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Specific time frame in which felatio is performed. Sometimes abbreviated 'dome sess'.
After our dinner date, she gave me a nice dome session in the B.K. parking lot.
by ScottD January 04, 2005
A screwdriver that has "flat head". It is popularly misnamed a "flat head" but "flat head" actually refers to a type of screw that screws in flush with the particular surface.
Is the screw a Phillips head or a straight slot?
#screwdriver #screw #lever #mexican socket wrench #mexican socket set
by ScottD November 28, 2006
A word people use to label someone that is working on something that they don't have the balls to try because they are afraid to be rejected themselves and thus called a 'poser'.
Look at that ugly person, they are such a beautiful person poser.
by ScottD June 16, 2005
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