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7 definitions by Scott Too Hot

A guy or girl who is acting like a Scardy Cat. Essentially the same thing as Pussy Boy, but you say boy like a Southerner or Negro (boi) to taunt the person even more.
Wes - You wanna go out tonight?
Cory - No man, I might just hit the gym and have a sauna.
Wes - Ya o.k. whatever you little pussy boi!
by Scott Too Hot July 29, 2009
1. (Towards a woman) - As to say, get your clothes off and lie down on my bed because I'm going to fuck you.

2. (Towards a man) - As to say, I'm going to knock you the fuck out. Tripping the person and making them fall on their back to give them a warning of what's coming works too.
1. After you bring a girl back home with you, lead them to the bedroom and say "We're going to play a little game. It's called... Get On Your Back!"

2. As your about to get into a fight or during a fight (while on top of someone), yell into the persons face, "Get On Your Back" pussy boi!
by Scott Too Hot July 30, 2009
Same as Indian Poker but using 7 numbers/letters instead of 5. This game is truly indian because in 7 card stud you only use the best 5 cards anyway. (in this case numbers/letters) The game ends up being the exact same thing as Indian Poker!
Bill - Ted, do you want to play Indian Poker?
Ted - Nah, I hate that stupid game.
Bill - How about Indian 7 Card Stud?
Ted - Sure man, lets play!
Bill - Fuck Ted, you are one stupid indian.
by Scott Too Hot July 30, 2009
With a bill of any denomination, the barcode on the the bill represents a poker hand. The best five numbers/letters or combination of the two wins. The best hand is AAAAA. This game obviously works the best not having seen any of the bills. Some people play with rounds of betting revealing a little something more about their bill/hand each round.
Jim - Hey you little chug, got a bill?
Bill - No.. I got some change.
Jim - You shouldn't have bought the lysol so we could've played Indian Poker.
Bill - Next time.
Jim - Ya, next time.
by Scott Too Hot July 29, 2009
Usually caused by laughing, it's a dry crusty boogie that shoots out of your nose (like a missile), because of a strong gust of air being pushed out.
After I told the joke, Frank laughed so hard that he blew a snot missile. I laughed so hard at Frank that I blew a snot missile of my own.
by Scott Too Hot July 30, 2009
Fatter than fat. You've maxed out your weight. Might as well not exist because everyone is disgusted by your appearance.
Trevor - Yesterday I watched Barney and I was tempted to kill myself.

Sandy - Oh my god, Barney.. What a Total Fat Ass!
by Scott Too Hot July 31, 2009
A guys name. Total fat ass. Usually tells numerous lies and always acts like a pussy boi.
Attilio get on your back!!
by Scott Too Hot July 31, 2009