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That part of your body below your bellybutton extending down to the end of your genital region. The "sweet spot" for kicking somebody when you're really, really pissed off at them.
A swift kick to the breadbasket will make the most masculine of men hit the highest of high notes.

"My breadbasket's awful sore. I gotta quit fighting with that little hooker. She's a mean one."
by Scott Smith 1970 August 09, 2005
A clever coverup word that can be used to describe any part of the human anatomy. Especially useful if there are churchies nearby who may be offended if you say "Dick, pussy, ass, titties, or ballsack."
"If you don't quit pestering me, I'm gonna kick you in the gizzard!"

"I worked them gizzards over big time in the sack last night!"

"My gizzard hurts, I better go see Dr. Kevorkian."

"She had some fine looking gizzards before she made a mess of the bottom."
by Scott Smith 1970 August 09, 2005
Knowing that something is not right, that something's wrong. Also, to have a bad feeling in your gut about a certain person, place or thing.
She knew as soon as she walked into the bedroom something fishery was going on.

The young boy thought to himself, "I knew something fishery was going on in here" as he unknowingly entered an all-men's Gym.
by Scott Smith 1970 August 09, 2005
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