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Usually said when you are happy and English cannot describe it alone. Also, when you are slightly embarressed/uncomfortable about something you could say it to yourself, or to a nearby friend who knows what the god damned hell you're on about. Add another "wuw" to reinforce the meaning.
Ferry Corsten just played at Sensation "A WUW"
by Scott N and Andrew W May 24, 2004
"ric" is someone who shall not be named, and "du" originated from "nick duusch" (look it up on here for definition) whereby the du was taken as to combine the ric (someone who we don't particularly like), and du (from nick du, look it up remember) which makes it an insult.
"what bloody ric du, last night he used too many kleenex tissues"
by Scott N and Andrew W May 24, 2004
A word which combines with classic and fantastic, which reinforces how good something is.
NOTE: the "clan" part has nothing to do with a group of people, just CLAssic and faNTASTIC.
"holy shitzer, the scent of bud combined with carpet is clantastic"

"a wuw, this prop bad bada bass is clantastic"
by Scott N and Andrew W May 24, 2004

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