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A man who has tourettes, loves tony the tiger, hates head and shoulders and tartar control, his dad died and nobody cares, he feels like a piece of shit,
Tourettes guy is so cool, but i would love to see tourettes guy on BZ
by Scott Clarkin December 14, 2004
A term associated with Marijuana or and other drug. It is also know as a bad count(usually half of what you want). Bad dealers give you knighters in hope of you thinking they are cool and letting them smoke in your circle.
Matt: yo here is your gram

Scott: no, this is 0.5, stop givin me nighters man
by Scott Clarkin December 14, 2004
a Cuntoris is a insult/compliment, it is a mix between cunt and cuntoris.
bad, "you are a CUNTORIS"
good, "you are my CUNTORIS
by Scott Clarkin February 12, 2004

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