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a penis averted sonar that typically, in most cases, detects the voluptuous 'pussy' abound.
1. My bonar is lurking..

2. Dude why isn't your bonar working around the girls? It only works when you're around gu-... oh.

3. My bonar broke, now I'm stuck as a lonely virgin.
by Scorpulus June 14, 2010
When a woman goes to wipe an orphans ass and, in turn, the orphans shits all over her hand - in an erupting fashion.
1. Well you see my Lord, Cheryl went to wipe the orphan's bottom and well.. he sort of exploded his shit all over her horrid face.

by Scorpulus June 14, 2010
The process of a huge tree like shit being shat out of the large intestine, causeing a slip-space rupture in the cycling of the moon and its orbit.
1. When I grabbed both the tub and the sink counter, I pushed with all my might. In the end I had just shat out an Indashit.

2. The moon is fucking red! Who just Indashat!
by Scorpulus June 14, 2010
1. The moment you get hit by the power of 1000 lols. Your vocabulolry will expand 10 fold!

2. Your lollers-block will vanish and lmaos and rofls will lol fourth from your friggin' brainto conjure the greatest lols since Leroy Jenkins.
1. Great Albus, I had a lolpiphany!

2. Screaming shit balls of fire! I had a mother f****** lolpiphany!

3. Dude, I think I just had a lolpiphan-!.. oh wait, I forgot I'll never be funny.
by Scorpulus June 14, 2010

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