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A term for the biggest eyebrows you've ever seen.
Damn, look at those Ed Boons on her face!
by ScorpionWins August 12, 2009
A spin on Combo Breaker, specifically used for when Kanye West interrupts something.
Did you see what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs?
-Yea, he pulled a Kan-bo Breaker!
by ScorpionWins September 15, 2009
In group presentations, it's the person who assembles the Power Point.

Usually done as an excuse to do less, or no actual work.
Doug: Ken, you do physical and chemical properties, and Rachel will do uses.
Ken: Okay, but what'll you do?
Doug: Ah, I'll do the Power Point, just email me all your work, right?
Ken (To Rachel): Dammit, Doug's just a lazy ass Power Pointer.
by ScorpionWins September 30, 2009
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