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v. re·plod·ed, re·plod·ing, re·plodes
v. intr.
1) To create an additional explosion by the use of explosive material to ignite, compress, or otherwise detonate a secondary source of explosive material. ex: The squibs within the nuclear device fired with perfect synchronicity, compressing the nuclear material to critical mass and causing a tremendous replosion. ex: The explosion of the car in the parking garage caused rapid and subsequent replosions in an estimated 300 other vehicles.
2) To burst violently as a result of internal pressure exerted by an external, explosive force.
3) A following noise: The vase reploded into tiny pieces when it hit the floor after being hit with a baseball bat.
4) To make an emotional outburst: My replosive husband has a tendency to get mad about the same thing, over and over and over again.
5) To increase suddenly, sharply, and without control, after a long hiatus: The population level in this area, slow in growth since the huge population explosion in 1946, has reploded during the past 12 years.
6) To change state or appearance suddenly after already having done so: After a sudden change to a brilliant yellow, the fire maple reploded over the weekend with a sudden flaring of brilliant red.
Sports. To finally hit a golf ball out of a sand trap with a shot that scatters the sand after one or more initial attempts have failed.

v. tr.
To cause to release energy or burst violently and noisily about a thing or a similar thing that has caused an initial explosion syn: aftershock Example: Scott exploded when he got the threatening letter from the collection agency; he reploded when they began to call is house 7 times a day. Example: The oxy-acetylene regulator reploded after multiple back-shocks from failed ignition attempts reached a replosive level within the regulatory chamber.
To show again to the same idiot a false or unreliable something: replode a coworker's fallacies about market demand hypothesis in meeting, after meeting, after meeting.
Sports. To attempt to hit (a golf ball) out of a sand trap with a replosive shot after missing the first time.

Latin repldere, to drive out by clapping again : re-, re- + plaudere, to clap again.
re·ploder n.

Antonym: deplode
Consequent to the tech stock explosions and replosions of the 90s, the entire market experienced severe deplosion in many sectors.
by Scorellis December 05, 2003

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