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1) Person who knowingly deceives or defrauds people or businesses almost to the point of being pathological. Usually these people are so caught up in their own bullshit that they start to believe their own lies.

2) Person referred to by previous generations as a 'Carpet-bagger' - Particularly in business involving independent pharmaceutical sales. Substituting cut for real product, or just stealing your money and then helping you look for it.

3) A person who is overly jankey.

4) A person who relies on stolen credit cards or identity theft to live an extravagant lifestyle, or pay for their meth habit.
Wow, Walt is sure a real stunt, he sold me a big bag of flex. Then he said he would fix it, and stopped answering my calls. What a fucking stunt.

That whole apartment is filled with nothing but stunts. I wouldn't be surprised to find Walt in there.

Where is the DVD player? Did that fucking bitch stunt my DVD player too?
by ScooterS April 27, 2008

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