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Small pieces of feces, that cling to the ass like nobody's business. Usually caused by ass hair that grabs hold and doesn't wanna let go of the shit piece.
I wiped my ass, I went in the front yard during the afternoon and sprayed my ass with the hose, and still those pesky cling-ons are still there, my only last resort is to burn them off.
by Scooter McFadden April 19, 2004
A curly mullet; a variation of this would be a jerry curullet, which is the same thing yet with a greasy touch; a hip hairdo; also known as the "AC Slater"
Jesse Spano: Slater, you pig, I wanna have sex with you, on account of that sexy curullet you have.

AC Slater: Okay hot mama, I'll bone you in my wrestling leotard too, and Mr. Belding can watch.
by Scooter McFadden April 20, 2004
The ultimate level is high lighter potency; a real snazzy high lighter marker; is said to razzle and dazzle
Damn yo, dem be some shiny drawings! Word homeskillet, I gave them the ol' zazzle brite touch.
by Scooter McFadden April 19, 2004
when shit is so hot, plumbers unclog your toilet wearing oven mits; a high level of coolness, radness
Peep diss new Brian (Austin) Green rap CD yo, shit's oven mits fo sho
by Scooter McFadden April 20, 2004
Whats up; whats happening; whats cooking.
What cracks tonight yo, gonna get a rusty trombone from da toofless hoe on the corner? Aight yo *does Saved by the Bell handshake*
by Scooter McFadden April 19, 2004
When a poop log rears it's brown head out for a peek, only to retreat to it's rightful home at the moment, the ass.
Man! I almost messed my trousers, thankfully it was only a frightened turtle, so no soilage! *high five*
by Scooter McFadden April 19, 2004
The use of fire to clean one's "bikini line"; to rid body of pubic hair by setting them ablaze.
Fuckin' A, this pubes be growing back faster then a lumberjack's beard, it's time to napalm them, that'll show those pesky pubes!
by Scooter McFadden April 19, 2004

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