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*Sigh* Okay, let me get this strait for most of you idiots.

Atheism does not mean you worship Satan.

Atheism means you believe in NO God of ANY type WHATSOEVER.

It is the doctrine or belief that there is no God
Christian: "You don't believe in God, so that means you're an evil Satanist."

Atheist: "No, it means I don't believe in some Jewish zombie that I somehow have to telepathically worship. Atheism means I believe that life came from science."
by Scootcha August 24, 2010
A Muslim is a believer in or follower of Islam- Nothing more, nothing less.

The Muslim terrorists that you hear of are confused about their religion, just like many Christians are. I am an American currently living in the Middle East, and Muslims are about the nicest people anywhere.

They're religion is probably more strict than Christians, for any violence of ANY kind is extremely sinful.

Muslims do NOT live in a "stone age" like some people say. People live in regular houses, and drive cars like everyone else.

Muslim: "No, it all it means that I believe in Allah. Christians have been known to do suicide bombings in the US as well."
by Scootcha August 24, 2010

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