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When you are owned by the one and only Mr. Steven Fava
Ben asked "Mr. Fava, why are you so mean?" and Mr. Fava replied "Why must you advertise your stupidity!?", therefore Favowning Ben.
by Sclass12 February 16, 2005
A slang term meaning a guy who smokes too many drugs.
"I was at the bar yesterday and all these Ferichs came up to me and started posting random pictures and saying 'TOM SELLECK'S CHEST HAIR LOLOLOZ'"
by Sclass12 September 27, 2004
Best game;Way better than that noob game jack, Scott, and Mike play
Scoot says Noobiestrike is better thasn Day of Defeat, when hes never played it.
by Sclass12 October 19, 2003
When someone is owned and you spice up the conversation by saying something that has an 'owned' sound in it.
The guy above me is a dickfuck. Go VC.net!
by Sclass12 November 02, 2004
Militia and otherwise untrained men and women who fight for the rights and responsibilities of cocks and the like.
There was going to be a castration in the public square, but the cock soldiers showed up and put a stop to it.
by Sclass12 January 27, 2005
A slang term for a sex-deprived adult.
I went to the club and there were so many Wilkos asking to suck me off.

STFU Wilko.
by Sclass12 June 14, 2004
A videogame for the XBox and PC. It is so incredibly over-hyped. It sucks. So will Halo 2.
Guy:"Hey man, Halo rocks!"
Me:"No it doesn't"
by Sclass12 November 09, 2004

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