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Aside from being a legendary BOFH, pixas i also a certain state of mind, where one usually thinks less of people with a lower rank of authority. This may reflect upon anything one with the pixas state of mind interact with and influence. A pixas-man often take everything he or she says serious, and cannot understand why not. If someone with a pixas mind cannot find juridical or moral grounds for what they believe is right, he or she will probably make one or more new rules so that the social codex counteract precisely with his or hers own.
- I heard that George W. Bush Jr. fiddled with the voting procedure in order to win the Florida State election.
- Yeah, I know. He's such a pixas.

- I read that the republicans fonded a new law which prevents the UN to supervise the next election.
- How pixas of them!
by Schwarzweiss August 26, 2004

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