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A short, bootylicious, insanity loving, leperchaun-like daisy. A creature of the sun. Prefers to be naked. Likes to laugh at devastation, panic, and chaos. Generally has a delicious badonkadonk.
My Melisa is off her rocker today, we need to feed her some Kornbread.
by Schmigiggles February 27, 2010
An Erin is a confident, successful, self-sufficient, money-hungry individual. She defies law and general authority because she's naturally rebellious. She's fearless and has an insatiable hunger for the opposite sex. Some would even describe her a a man-eater. An artificial red head this wild child will show you the meaning of dropping it low and shaking your booty Supreme Style!
That Erin is starving for attention find some sexy young men to feed it.
by Schmigiggles January 27, 2012

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