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3 definitions by Schlongmaster

Has absolutely nothing to do with the ammount of rubber bands. Is simply a wad of cash with a rubber band around it. These types of "Banks" are usually found in illegal transactions; i.e., drug trafficking. The term is also an oxymoron of sorts, because the terms "Rubber Band" and "Bank" imply drastically different levels of risk.
Don't worry Filbert, I got my Rubber Band Banks.
by Schlongmaster December 05, 2006
38 9
The act of smearing poo on a girl's cheek after or before you have ATM'd her. The stain should be discreetly wiped on a nearby pillow to evade the victim's knowledge of such stain. Named after the lovely Ping Ping who was thankfully unaware of said occurence.
After I finished the anal birding of that ho I couldn't help but leave a little Ping Ping Stain on her cheek before she finished me off.
by Schlongmaster May 23, 2006
11 3
Having sex. Can easily be used in combinations such as, "anal birding" and "slam birding" etc. A discreet term used to describe the nasty when in the presence of those not in the know.
I was birding that nasty ho when her boyfriend came home.
by Schlongmaster May 23, 2006
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