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A disparaging term used to describe the change in behavior of an old bubble tea-buying Asian lady who suspects her daughter of being a porn star as she develops into a sadistic wench who finds humor in fooling said daughter into thinking that her father was attacked by an assailant in China, killed the assailant with a reversal of kung fu moves, and spent a week in jail under the false accusation of manslaughter.
Katsu burst into tears after hearing the sad news, only to be made fun of moments later by her mother undergoing mommatronification.
by Schleaze May 07, 2005
(adj) used to describe a skinny Asian girl addicted to masturbation
(n) the antithesis of Zomnificent
1. That katsu is such a slut. She will do anything to have sex.
2. Hello, my name is Katsu. I wish i was a pillow.
by Schleaze February 18, 2005

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