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1. (pn)(fn) Can also be, and often is, a male name.

2. (pn)(sn) Began as a surname, spelt "Tailor".

3. (pn)(history) Originally, it was a name to define a person's position - tailor - in the workforce. All of these individuals were MALES, originally. Females were disallowed such positions. So, those MALES who were tailors, their surnames became Tailor (Ex: Robert Tailor) the same way a cook's surname became Cook (James Cook). Over a while, the spelling changed to Taylor, often because of immigration and the inability to spell names properly long ago. But it was males who the first name Taylor belonged to FIRST.

4. (pn)(confusion) So, no. Taylor isn't the name of some blonde girl who sleeps around. It is, and most oftenly, a MALE NAME. Just to clear up some confusion.
Man: Hey, I'm Taylor.

Guy: LOL Isn't that a GIRL name! HAHAHAHAHA

Man: Actually, no. It's originally a male name. And the majority of individuals with the name Taylor are males, or have the name as their surname.

Guy: Oh... EW, YOU'RE SMART.
by Schizophrenic Cannibal Lemon November 15, 2009
1. (n.) Long strings of salivation, which hang from the jowls of dogs; usually occurs when the dog in question is watching his/her master eating something that seems rather delicious (example: pizza, ice cream, chocolate, hamburgers).
Sophie: Ew! You're dog's drooling!

Lacey: It's cause the food we're eating is so delicious. She smells it, and drools like that.

Sophie: They look like shoe laces!

Lacey: Because they are.
by Schizophrenic Cannibal Lemon September 03, 2009

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