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A diesese which is carried through the air and turns cattles brain to the same mush your grandmother eats at her old folks home. Remember the best way to combat the diesese is to wipe front to back at all times.
Young Hick Boy: "I think that ma's sick pa'

Hick Farmer: "I reckon shes got madcow, time to close the border again (spits tobacco)"
by Schefter January 01, 2005
One who has nothing better to do in life then to give his life for what they think is a greater good by blowing himself up usually taking out important military targets.
This word originates from Japanese.
Evil Man #1 "We should strap some C4 on your son and make him go all Kamikazi and take out that US embassey"

Evil Man #2 "Yes, then he can have his 72 virgins"
by Schefter January 01, 2005
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