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1 definition by Scenekid95

Scene guys are not hardcore, but less sensitive than Emo kids, and more sensitive than punk kids. Most scene kids hate their self, think their ugly, and say, FML a lot. Scene guys like to use myspace and facebook. They do their school work at the last minute, but still get pretty good grades. Scene guys act tough, but aren't as tough as they seem. Scene guys typically wear tight colorful skinny jeans, band, and cartoon shirts, colorful straight hair, (sometimes makeup such as eyeliner) converse or sometimes skater shoes, with colorful laces. Some will wear wrist bands, necklaces, and bracelets, and they play xbox and playstation. They also love to take high angle pictures of them self, and sometimes edit them. Scene guys also hate school. And most likely a Scene guy is typing this right now :D
Random person -"Oh my god, wha tare those guys wearing"
Random person- "It's Scene guys! Duh!"
by Scenekid95 March 13, 2010
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